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Construct 2 r200

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Oyé oyé, les Constructors !



Voici la nouvelle version de C2 r200 et ses nouvelles caractéristiques.

Vous verrez également que notre logiciel va sauter le pas vers sa version 3 !!


En attendant ça se passe ici :

Stable update r200 fixes a number of bugs and improves performance and reliability, covering a total of 40 changes. For the full details see the intervening changelogs:

  • r196 (11 changes) and r196.2 (4 changes): asm.js physics update, renamed « node-webkit » references to « NW.js », performance improvements
  • r197 (8 changes): more asm.js physics updates; bug fixes
  • r198 (9 changes): Tilemap bar zoom option, bug fixes and reliability improvements
  • r199 (8 changes): more bug fixes

New physics engine

The biggest new feature since r195 is that the asm.js physics engine has finally been updated and has all the same features as the old box2dweb engine, including « disable collisions ». It is now the new default physics engine. Box2dweb is still available for backwards compatibility, but is not recommended and will not be maintained any further. We recommend wherever possible that existing projects switch to asm.js physics to take advantage of improved performance.

Construct 3 is now in development

In other news note that Construct 3 has been announced. You can stay up to date with the latest news at While Construct 3 is a long way off, note that a consequence of its development is that the Construct 2 update cycle will slow down.


If the download is going slowly or is unreliable on your connection, try the Alternative Torrent Download link beneath the Download button.

We strongly recommend all users update to this stable release to take advantage of new features and avoid running in to bugs or compatibility issues we’ve already fixed. If you’d like to try updates and new features sooner and help test them, you can also update to our public beta releases. You can opt-in to beta updates from Preferences, or follow beta release announcements on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages.


Manual now up to date with r200 features