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Construct 2 Beta Release r187

Comme pour toute les versions beta, à utiliser avec précaution !

Dans cette nouvelle version, on y apprend la réorganisation de l’export. Les données sont désormais séparés du moteur lui même et d’autre part  Node-Webkit s’installera désormais de manière séparée ceci  afin de faciliter et optimiser les gros projets.

Par effet de bord il ne sera plus possible de mettre en ligne les projets sur Scirra Arcade, celui-ci arrivera bientôt dans une nouvelle version et résoudra ainsi  ce problème. Ça c’est une bonne nouvellle !

Construct 2 Beta Release r187

This is a Beta release. Beta releases have the cutting edge features but may have bugs in them. Download the latest Stable release instead here.

Download59 mb, Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP

Thursday, November 06, 2014

New this build: runtime improvements, a smaller download due to unbundling node-webkit support to a separate installer, several bug fixes, and more!

Separate project data file

Construct 2 has always bundled everything in to a single « c2runtime.js » file: all the engine code, as well as all the project data. This works well for small and medium sized projects, but has started to cause problems with some large scale projects. The c2runtime.js file can end up megabytes in size, and all of that has to be parsed and executed by a full blown Javascript engine. This can use lots of memory and slow down startup times.

To resolve this, a fairly significant runtime change has been made: the project data is now split out in to a separate « data.js » file, and is now in a strict JSON format. For large projects this can significantly reduce the size of c2runtime.js. The data.js file is requested separately and parsed as JSON, which is a simple data-only format and much more efficient to read. This should help large projects to load faster and use less memory.

This is a pretty fundamental change, so it could have introduced bugs or broken compatibility with some older or quirky platforms. Please test it carefully on a range of devices and let us know if you run in to any problems.

Please note unfortunately this change has broken compatibility with the Scirra Arcade. The Arcade has long been in need of an update and we are planning to release a new version of it soon. When the new version is released Construct 2 will be updated to enable the Scirra Arcade exporter again, but unfortunately until then new submissions cannot be made from any version other than r168.2.

Node-webkit unbundled

Node-webkit is adding support for 64-bit OS X apps (now also supported in this beta), and 64-bit Windows support is coming soon as well. We want to support all the platforms node-webkit does, but these latest additions would bloat the installer even more and end up making node-webkit take the vast majority of the

download size. It also ends up using loads of our server’s bandwidth and makes everyone have to re-download all the node-webkit platforms every release, even if you don’t use them or they haven’t changed!

To solve this node-webkit has been removed from the Construct 2 installer, reducing the download to about half the size. Instead there’s now a separate installer for node-webkit support. It’s free and you only need to install it once, then any version of Construct 2 from r187+ will be able to use it. It also means that node-webkit can be updated separately from C2, allowing you to use new versions right away without having to wait for a Construct 2 update with the new version bundled to come around.

To install node-webkit support visit our new node-webkit page at If you don’t have node-webkit installed and you try to preview or export with node-webkit, you’ll be prompted to visit that page to get the installer. We’ll also be keeping the version available from there up-to-date as new node-webkit versions are released.

One more bonus: we’ve found a version of dxwebsetup.exe that doesn’t try to bundle in the Bing bar, and that is now the version included with the node-webkit installer.


Add AdMob plugin: ‘Preload banner’ action

Add System: ‘Set layer blend mode’ action

Add System: ‘Layer is empty’ condition (tests if layer has zero instances)

Add AJAX: ‘Override MIME type’ action. Can be used to force the response type/character set of the response.

Change [CHANGE] Node-webkit is now unbundled from the installer and can be installed separately from

Change Multiplayer: removed an old and potentially performance degrading workaround to a bug in Chrome 35

Change Updated to the latest version of Google Closure Compiler for minifying scripts.

Change Java 8 broke the way Construct 2 ran the minifier. It now uses a different method to run the minifier which appears to work with Java 8. If you previously uninstalled Java 8 to work around this issue we recommend reinstalling it for this build.

Bug Fix Audio caused crash when suspending/resuming where the Web Audio API was not supported (introduced in r186, also affected Ejecta)

Bug Fix Layout view: if WebGL was disabled, all blend modes reverted to « normal » as if « preview effects » had been disabled. Now blend modes correctly preview in the layout view with WebGL off according to the « preview effects » setting.

Bug Fix ‘Blend modes’ example updated to ensure all blends display correctly

Bug Fix ‘Audio filename cannot be found in project’ error when opening some projects in r186.2

Bug Fix Worked around an IE9 quirk where it could sometimes move its window in to the background when clicked

Performance Runtime now loads project data from a separate data.js file instead of bundling everything in to c2runtime.js

Performance The renderer now experimentally skips rendering layers with zero instances on them, which could save GPU fill rate processing screen-sized transparent textures if they use a shader, blend mode or own texture. Note off-screen objects will still prevent the layer being skipped and use fill rate if the layer uses its own texture; consider using events to set the layer visible/invisible when not needed to optimise for this case.