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Construct 2 Release r165

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Voici une r165 toute fraiche :

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New this build: an experimental but official Ejecta exporter for iOS! Ejecta is a free open-source non-browser wrapper for HTML5 games and provides an interesting alternative to CocoonJS for iOS publishing. It supports WebGL (with no JIT, so may not be faster but can use shaders), letterbox scale, iAd, IAP, Game Center and more. However it inherits some of the non-browser limitations of CocoonJS – form controls, XML parsing, Facebook and web fonts won’t work. Ejecta also does not currently support memory management, so may have issues with large games. However being open source we will be investigating adding support for this ourselves soon.
Using Ejecta

Proper documentation will come shortly, but in summary it works like this:

Get access to a Mac and install XCode. (Sorry, you can’t build on Windows!)
Download Ejecta and extract the files to a folder on your Mac. (Don’t extract to a Windows PC and copy it over – it seems to change the file permissions and break the build.)
Export your project from Construct 2. (Use the new ‘Ejecta’ plugin to access Ejecta-specific features like Game Center)
Rename the exported folder to « App », and copy it to the Ejecta folder, so App\ sits next to Source\
Open the XCode project and run. It should start running in the simulator!
You should also rename the bundle identifier in Info.plist (under ‘Resources’ on the left), since the default is something like com.yourcompany.yourproduct

You can also test on real devices, but you need to pay the $99/year Apple developer fee and set up the devices for development purposes. Apple’s site documents how to set this up.

Let us know how it works out for you!

En voici les améliorations :


New experimental Ejecta exporter

IAP object: now should work with Ejecta IAP

User Media: features to get a list of available camera and microphone sources. The ‘Webcam’ and ‘Microphone input’ examples have been updated to use this, allowing the camera/mic to be chosen from a dropdown list. Currently only works in Chrome.

Multiplayer: ‘PeerIDAt’ and ‘PeerAliasAt’ expressions, allowing the full peer list to be accessed at any time

Windows 8 object: ‘Open windows store’ action, to open the app listing, publisher page, or prompt to review the app

AJAX: ‘Set timeout’ action

Browser object: both the ‘Open URL’ and ‘Open URL in new window’ actions now use the platform-specific features to launch the system browser in the Ejecta and Windows 8 exporters

Bug Fix
Touch: possible javascript error using accelerometer with PhoneGap 3+

Bug Fix
Tilemap bar: ‘edit collision poly’ now disables when using normal layout selection

Bug Fix
Browser object ‘Request fullscreen’ now uses correct fullscreen mode in node-webkit

Bug Fix
‘Warp mask’ effect now takes in to account source image alpha

Bug Fix
Multiplayer plugin should no longer crash CocoonJS

Bug Fix
Possible Javascript error using certain combinations of family conditions

Bug Fix
9-patch: in some cases could display blurry in WebGL mode

Minor garbage collection optimisations

ObjectSet.values() has been removed; use ObjectSet.valuesRef() instead in any third party plugins, and if you explicitly want a copy of the values, call slice(0) on the result yourself.

Vous pouvez la télécharger ici :

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