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Construct 2 Release Beta r154

Heu… après 153… c’est… ben oui, c’est bien 154 ^^

Friday, December 13, 2013

New this build: a multiplatform in-app purchases (IAP) plugin! Previously it has been difficult to set up IAP in games, requiring different plugins and events for each platform you want to publish to. This plugin aims to eliminate that work, having a single set of events for a single object that handles IAP on whichever platform you export to. The initial release of this plugin has support for the Windows Store, CocoonJS, Blackberry 10, Amazon Appstore, and Tizen. Other platforms are not yet supported, but we will be looking in to adding support for others in future. And when we do, the same set of events should work for that platform as well, making porting a lot easier.

There’s no documentation for this plugin yet but the basic usage is as follows:

On start of layout, use the Add product ID action to add the product IDs you will be using, e.g. « product1,product2,product3 ». (This is necessary since some platforms don’t support requesting a list of available product IDs.)
After that (still on start of layout), use the Request store listing action. This downloads the names and prices of the given products. (Again, this is necessary since some platforms don’t support making purchases until this information has been received.)
When On store listing success triggers, the product names and prices are available, and purchases can start being made or checked with Has product.

You can also flip the ‘Test mode’ property like you can with the Windows 8 object. This enables ‘test’, ‘developer’ or ‘sandbox’ mode on the appropriate store for testing. Don’t forget to turn off test mode when publishing!

Note some platforms will have quirks: one that is possible is that some platforms might not update the status of the Has product condition until a few moments later, so try checking it regularly if it’s not doing what you expect.

This is a pretty complicated plugin internally, even if it looks simple, because each store works differently with a completely different API. We’ve done our best to wrap everything in a consistent way so it seems to work the same everywhere, but there may be variations between platforms. It’s also a difficult plugin to test since it has to be published all the way to the store to verify that it works. Please let us know if you run in to any issues.

Note the IAP plugin does not appear in the free edition. This is because the free edition is not allowed to be used for commercial purposes.



A new IAP (In-App Purchases) plugin, to handle IAP across platforms. Only available with a license

Intel XDK support: updated script tag references and updated some of the Audio object’s support for XDK-specific audio functions

Tizen export: now specifies feature « » in config.xml to prevent Tizen store defaulting to only supporting 720×1280

CocoonJS physics now supports ‘GetMass()’. Note CocoonJS physics is still missing ‘SetAngularDamping’ and ‘SetBullet’.

Bug Fix
Error in r153 using non-physics behaviors when project set to use asm.js physics

Bug Fix
Tilemap: now works correctly with the Physics behavior, including making use of tile collision polygons. Note if you set any tiles at runtime it has to recreate the entire physics bodies for all the tiles in the tilemap which could be slow, so try to avoid changing tilemaps when they have the Physics behavior.

Bug Fix
Tilemap: TileAt expression would return 536870911 for erased tiles (oops!); now returns -1

Bug Fix
Audio: on Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android, now plays music straight away if started in a user input event (like ‘On touch’). Previously the music would have still been queued up to be started in the next touch after that.

Bug Fix
Export project dialog: can now export to network shares for some export options (not all can do this though – some you will still have to export locally first)

Bug Fix
Platform: enabling/disabling the behavior on a moving platform could teleport the player back to the platform

Bug Fix
Audio: could not change music volume in Firefox

Bug Fix
Some issues with the drag and drop behavior in IE11

Bug Fix
Turret behavior: rate of fire did not take in to account the time scale

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