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Construct 2 Release r151.2

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Légère amélioration du 26 novembre 2013 :

This build is just to fix a few bugs and ensure everything is working smoothly before a stable update, that should be coming shortly assuming we haven’t broken anything!

As ever, if you find any issues please report them to the bugs forum following all the guidelines. Be sure to report any issues you have noticed soon, since if you report them just after a stable release, you may have to wait until the next stable release or start using beta releases to get the fix.


Removed the AsJSON/Load from JSON features from non-layout plugins such as Array and Dictionary. They conflicted with the object’s existing AsJSON expressions.

Bug Fix
Sprite: ‘Is overlapping’ in a subevent could sometimes pick instances incorrectly

Bug Fix
Tilemap: tiles could become corrupt when using savegames/AsJSON expression

Bug Fix
Tilemap bar: possible crash double-clicking when empty

Bug Fix
Animations bar: did not always change animation on first click if current frame had been modified

Bug Fix
On some platforms in high-DPI mode the loading bar and loader logo would appear in the wrong place, at a different size, or not at all

Voilou, vous pouvez télécharger cette version ici :