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Construct 2 r146

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Toute fraîche, toute neuve, voici la r146, avec ses nouveaux ajustements :


Add HTML5 export template dialog now links to the tutorial tips on publishing HTML5 games to the web

Add Browser object: ‘request fullscreen’ action should now work with IE11’s fullscreen support
Add Browser object: ‘lock orientation’ and ‘unlock orientation’ actions. Not yet widely supported but should cover Tizen, Firefox OS and IE11 mobile.
Add New manual entry on the debugger

Add New manual entry on breakpoints

Change Updated Internet Explorer detection to also detect IE11, since it changed its user agent string and IE-specific code is necessary for the XML object to work.
Change New icons for the ‘Upgrade’ tab in the Free edition
Change Updated CocoonJS physics script to latest version (for 1.4.3). It now also supports the Revolute joint in accelerated mode.
Change Stepping through events in the debugger now always shows the green arrow icon by the current block/condition/action
Bug Fix Some issues with the HTML5 export with ad bar template
Bug Fix CocoonJS plugin: ‘Refresh fullscreen ad’ action didn’t work
Bug Fix Possible crashes when showing a grid in the layout view
Bug Fix Browser plugin: console logging action now correctly handles numbers
Bug Fix Audio: positioned sounds played back strangely in r145
Bug Fix Workaround for possible audio bug on Tizen
Performance Where the browser supports Javascript Set containers, they are now used to optimise and reduce garbage in some parts of the engine.

Vous pouvez télécharger cette version ici :