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Construct 2 r145

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Cette nouvelle version n’est pas encore complètement stable, mais ce n’est l’affaire que de quelques semaines.

Voici les évolutions :


Add Browser object: ‘DevicePixelRatio’ expression
Add Audio object: ‘Save/load’ property to set whether sound and/or music playback state is saved/loaded
Add 8 direction behavior: ‘Set vector X/Y’ actions
Add Tiled Background: ‘ImageWidth’ and ‘ImageHeight’ expressions
Add Layers bar: new context menu options to show all, hide all, hide all but one; unlock all, lock all, lock all but one
Add Browser object: new ‘On mobile back button pressed’ trigger. Note this is only currently supported in Tizen web apps. If you do not use the trigger, the game will now exit when the user presses the ‘Back’ button. The ‘On mobile menu button pressed’ trigger should now also fire for Tizen web apps as well.
Add Export to Tizen now provides an option after export to submit to the Tizen app store via AppBackr. Note the link is not yet live; it should be working within the next few days! Free edition users are also allowed to take advantage of publishing via AppBackr only.
Add WebSocket plugin: new CloseCode and CloseReason expressions (only useful after ‘On closed’ has triggered)
Change New editor breakpoint icons
Change Node-webkit: updated to version 0.7.5
Change Google Closure Compiler (used for ‘Minify script’) updated to latest version
Change PNGCrush (used for image recompression) updated to version 1.7.67
Change Node-webkit: now plays music with the Web Audio API only, rather than HTML5 audio piped in to the Web Audio API, since the latter appears to be affected by some Chrome bugs in some cases. This means audio must be fully loaded and decoded before it starts playing, but since all the files are available locally, there’s not much delay before it starts playing.
Bug Fix WebSocket plugin: may not have reported the error message in ‘On error’ in all cases
Bug Fix Clicking the status bar could trigger a ‘Include event sheet’ or ‘Clear all breakpoints’ prompt
Bug Fix Another case of OR blocks sometimes picking incorrectly
Bug Fix Possible jQuery error in CocoonJS preview-over-wifi


Vous pouvez télécharger cette version ici :